Pa de do | Collection
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New Ties

Collection: “New Ties”

Architector: Anastasiia Gulak

Inspiration: Architecture of Modernism, Soviet Constructivism, Brutalism, Postmodernism, The Works of Sonia Delaunay, Michale Graves, El Lissitzky, Nikolay Suetin..

Function: Art accessories


  • Support  architectural monuments of modernism, konstruktivism, brutalism, postmodernism
  • Popularization, acquaintance with individual achievements in the field of Architecture
  • Establishment of a fund for the support of architectural heritage

Material : Isolation material, plastic facade stucco, facade paint, stripes from real leather & cotton, magnets

Made in : Ukraine, Kharkiv

Made by : Group of Architects

Photographer: Alexey Ponomarev & Daria Ozhyhanova

Model: Kristina Gatsenko

Year : 2018

One of the ties, which generates new meanings and tasks…