Pa de do | Good signs
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Good signs

About This Project

Subcollection “Good signs” preceded all the rest and the idea of [pa dǝ dø] was born from it…

The subcollection “Good Signs” is inspired by simple geometric forms, sweet memmories and
happenings from our life. People like to complicate simple situations, accumulate mountains of garbage and unnecessary things, aggravate and exaggerate. We always try to solve the issues of tomorrow.In simple situations and forms there is less information, but it is often about the main thing, about the important and the present.Maybe, we shouldn`t try to find out and solve futurequestions, maybe much more useful to find andannounce correct today`s questions? It also about “Good Signs” that poosh us to move on, something that appears on your way and makes you smile..
Let`s simplify the life, let`s ask the main questions and smile together!


Good Signs


Asya Gulak


Alexey Ponamarev


Natalia Kniazkova & Kristina Gatsenko


Gosprom , Kharkiv, Ukraine /Crematorium, Kiev / East Opera , Kharkiv

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