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Author’s words

About This Project

“New Ties”

Dance …

Architecture – Dance …

Costume – Architecture-Dance …


“No dance can be built on some standard, every single theme suggest the author its own special form of embodiment”

I was always fascinated by the dance, all my childhood and youth, I professionally engaged in dancing. It were latino-american, contemporary dance, tecktonik dance, rave dance .. I experimented with rhythm, tried different directions …, the body was my instrument, through which I could show my emotions, to gave a freedom for my feelings.

In a word, I felt a complete fusion between method and sensations. The result was  always  unique.

Time passed … my “dance” became more conscious, deeper, more informative and more practical, if I can say in such manner.

Architecture – Dance …

“Finding the connections between objects, it’s more significant thing, than these objects as they are , it’s generates new meanings” Aldo Rossi “Scientific autobiography”

I got acquainted with Architecture. It largely began to determine the course of my life. I perceive it as a reliable partner in the dance, who knows how to make “body support” , it is a solid foundation on which I can perform all  dances of the World, all my desires.

Fortunately, Architecture creates a lot of problems, in the process of solving which, appear the obsessive ideas, contributing to all kind of changes and, as a consequence- to new opportunities!

Problems in Architecture often arise against the backdrop of the limited freedom of the architects themselves. They becomes a hostage of the site, situations, political and social factors, the ambitions of individuals, a limited budget.

Architecture it’s the Art, unique in its own.

It bears a huge responsibility for its manifestations of freedom, it would like to lets itself free , but at first, it should be  necessary, to converge  all the dimensional chains .

But! I believe, that  Architects can afford to “dance” with their favorite music, give themself to the rhythm, and not be afraid of criticism from the spectator.

Costume – Architecture-Dance …

“Architecture is the” face “of our time, it affects everything related to design and costume design in particular. “

  “The affinity of these two kinds of art is undeniable and undoubtedly their further rapprochement and mutual influence.  The facade of the building and the dress should be balanced …. “

“Fashion, like Architecture, shapes the environment.”

Theirs “solo” & “pas de deux” they could perform in spacious, light rooms, filled with rays of the sun and air …. In wonderful “costumes” – precursor of meeting with something amazing!

Architecture and Costume … And in the first and second case we are talking about the shell … Also it is about the form and it content, color and texture, sizes and rhythms, tectonics and plastic. Meanwhile, concepts such as: tectonics, plastic and rhythm, are also applicable to the Dance.




[pa dǝ dø] – is our way to defend mine &our Freedom, for our&mine Architecture, through which we constantly discover New Ties. The ties between people, different kinds of arts, shapes and materials …

[pa dǝ dø] – is one of such ties, which generates new meanings and tasks:

  • Support  architectural monuments of modernism, konstruktivism, brutalism, postmodernism
  • Popularization, acquaintance with individual achievements in the field of Architecture
  • Establishment of a fund for the support of architectural heritage

[pa dǝ dø] – is our attempt to “dance” with Architecture and not depend on:

Chronos, Eros, Race and Virus!


We are going out of room with dancing!

Catching  Bossanova!

In a  coat  on  a naked  body!

In a shoes  on bare feet!


Asya G.


Asya Gulak