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Plan’s life

About This Project

Subcollection “Plan’s Life” appeared as  a results of thoughts about architectural plans…

When architects start design process , they spend a lot of time to create a plan for the future structure … These plans are full of meanings, functions and tasks, which architects put inside theirs objects. Every single architect knows  that a precursor of a beautiful building is a beautiful plan of this building!
So, the result of this analitic, long and heavy mental process of master is the Architectural plan which looks like an artistic work , futuristic art, like masterpiece of a painter, whose art is aimed to reflecting human being and different processes of their lifes inside the shells.
But these kind of Art decorate can been seen, as usual, only in architectural buros which create it, and on the walls of the realized object as a plan for the evacuation of the building..
The goal of subcollection “Plan’s Life” is to make  the results of this kind of brainstorm work visible not only for Customers,Builders, and Visitors, but for Others..

This one of the “New ties” which generates New meanings and tasks!


Plan's Life


Asya Gulak


Alexey Ponamarev


Kristina Gatsenko


Kiev River Port

New Ties