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Sonia dreams

About This Project

Subcollection “Sonia Dreams” was inspired by futuristic works of Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) Ukrainian Born French artist.

Sonia Delaunay spent a big part of her life in Paris with her family. She was a cofounded of the Orphism art movement, noted for its use of strong colors and geometric shapes.
She worked with textile design, costumes and stage set design. She was the first female artist who had a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre in 1964, and in 1975 was named an officer of the French Legion of Honor.

Her dancing geometry inspired designer to create the extravagant collection in futuristic style. During the creative process , we found out one intresting fact … The famous Artist Sonia Delaunay was born in Poltava region (that time it was part of the Russian Empire) ,which is very close to Kharkiv, the motherland of  these accessories designer )…

“Such “New Ties” so much inspire me !” Asya G.


Sonia Dreams


Asya Gulak


Alexey Ponamarev


Kristina Gatsenko


Kiev River Port


Kiev Crematorium

New Ties