[pa dǝ dø] | [pa dǝ dø] & BIJORCHA Paris 2019
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[pa dǝ dø] & BIJORCHA Paris 2019

[pa dǝ dø] & BIJORCHA Paris 2019

BIJORCHA it is the international jewellery show which took place in Paris during 18-21 January 2019.

[pa dǝ dø] was selected by Bureau Elizabeth Leriche  for BIJORCHA PARIS  in The Fashion trend area 😊☺️ ( pavilion inside the exhibition space ) .

It was a big challenge for our little team but in the same time it was a huge impetus to the next steps of us !
I would like to say that it was the first exhibition in the life of [pa dǝ dø] brand and it was so important to recieved all the feedbacks from absolutely different people .. We did not expect such a friendly and generous reactions !
The main that [pa dǝ dø] created smiles on the faces , curiosity and delight !!

We are proud that our booth was intrested for people and companies who are focuse exactly on  contemporary jewellery  :

Toktam Nourkeyhani (Jewellery curator ) , Maggie Cardelus (Paris based jewellery artist ) , Pavel Tikhomirov and his 1V1 Agency (Sales & PR agency ) , Reihard Hampel (jewellery designer from Karlsruhe),  IndieFaves from Silocon Valley (Innovating the jewelry industry for designers, artists, consumers, collectors and galleries) , different concept stores and galleries .

We are sure that it was a good results and a reward for our labors!
As a result we have a new customers from Belgium (Mons) , France (Paris, Narbonne), Canada ( Toronto ) , which are going to support our modernism and have fun with our accessories !
From now You can find [pa dǝ dø] in Paris in a nice little art gallery Huit de couer full of contemporary jewellery from all around the world :
8 rue Sophie Germain
75014 Paris
Metro: Mouton- Duvernet



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