[pa dǝ dø] | Project “padedo city” for precious collective
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Project “padedo city” for precious collective

Project “padedo city” for precious collective

In January, 2020 , Asya G. have recieved the invitation to take part in one Open Call for jewellery makers. which was orginized by Lynne Speak among “precious collective” members.

The task was:

‘Precious Places – Precious Things’ Where do you go to when the world’s mayhem crowds you and you need to escape for a bit, where do you go? Perhaps it is a location you go to every day; every week; every year; every decade. Or once in a lifetime – maybe even somewhere you know you will never see again. It might not be a physical place. It might be a place from memory; a safe place that makes you smile and breathe the moment you think about it. It might be the place in your head that you escape to while you are creating your work. Wherever it is, it is obviously precious to you. Tell us about this ‘somewhere’ through your jewellery. What does your work tell us about this place; and what does it tell us about how you feel about it? Be playful … Be thoughtful … Be there.


‘Precious Places – Precious Things’

“I am crossing the streets of my city… I am listening my music …. how can I turn something tiny to the huge scale?
how can I through my jewels catch attention for something really important ? It is one of my approach and the attempt to discover the needs, disadvantages and problems that are growing each day ,when I detecting them , I am continue my mission as an architect, for the NEW WORLD”

“I take the breath when I see the piece from my world outside , in “the reallity” then I feel that the World as I see it and understand still can be changed , and I don’t need to search the “Truth” because I know that my “Precious place” exist in parallel , and I am the creator of any statements and truths there…”

Asya G.


….project should be showed during Athens Jewelry Week in May ,2020…  but not always what we are dreaming about happens at appointed time and place.  So, for the moment, project staying in a progress to be featured during  AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair in Bucharest.

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