[pa dǝ dø] | Project “Joseph” for Tincal Lab Chellange
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Project “Joseph” for Tincal Lab Chellange

Project “Joseph” for Tincal Lab Chellange


Through these project artist want to find new parallels between architecture and anatomy.

The inspiration is – architectural work by Bertrand Goldberg- St.Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, 1974.

The plastic of facades, vertical lines of the windows and several blueprints recall to the author about the shape of vertebrae.

Tacoma is a zone of seismic activity and is a force acting on the skeleton of a building , as well as a force that can act on our skeleton..

The way to find answers with discovering ourselves, it is a way for the best solutions not only in architecture.

Technique: Mix Media

Materials : building materials, 100%cotton , magnets , metal

Year : 2019

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